“Graduation Song” – Kinetics & One Love Feat. Wynter Gordon
June 16, 2010, 5:58 pm
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“So if you don’t remember all the drinks that we poured

If you don’t remember all the rules we ignored

If you don’t remember all the reasons that we laughed

‘Cause you start to lose track as time goes by

If you don’t remember sneakin’ in the side door

And if you don’t remember skinny dippin’ at the gorge

If you only can remember one thing at all

You have to promise me that you’ll remember to call

So I can say hi”

Here’s some more Wynter Gordon, still sounding very electronic-ey. P.S. how awesome is her name? It makes me want to name my kid after a season but spell it wrong…. Suhmmir.

This underground rap/electronic song was written by a Cornell graduate named Kinetics. He hid all these Cornell inside jokes in the song, including a reference to skinny dipping in the gorge (Ithaca’s Gorge..get it?). Kinda makes me want to go to Cornell except not at all because it’s Cornell and that’s a lot of work. The songwriter of “Graduation Song” (Kinetics) is the same songwriter who wrote “Airplanes” by B.o.B, Eminem, and Hailey Williams. Yes, you did read that right.  The duo of frat boys from Cornell, rapper/songwriter Kinetics and DJ/producer One Love, were signed by Warner Music Group this past year and sold their song “Airplanes” to Atlantic Records, resulting in a #2 spot on iTunes and a platinum record within months. “Airplanes” is also on a commercial for Zac Efron’s new movie Charlie St. Cloud. Kinda sounds like a dream come true to me. These guys are on the rise and definitely some people you’ll be hearing about. Because I just told you. So you just heard about them.

Click here to listen to the original version of “Airplanes” by Kinetics & One Love: Airplanes by Kinetics & One Love

Which do you like better?

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