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March 9, 2011, 8:20 pm
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Ok I REALLY need to be studying for midterms right now and don’t know why I deemed it ok to take a break and post…but this song just came on shuffle and my self control is obviously at rock bottom. This song is not new, but I realized that I wanted to post this awhile ago and forgot to.  A friend showed me this song, claiming it her “theme song to life”, and I think most of us girls can agree with that statement.  If you’re not a girl, GET OUT! Just kidding. It’s not that girly. It’s just fun. Sooo fun. Synthy, 80s-ish beat + list of favorite things + “favorite” spelled with a “u” = win. Jillboard math – the only math I’m good at.

List of my favoUrite things: Headphones, bass, neon colors, chocolate, POP MEWSIC, Britney Spears, things that glow, family, friends, and Britney Spears.


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Biggie Day

Rolling In The Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)” (Right click + “Save link as” to DL)

To every music lover’s dismay, the hip-hop genius known as Notorious B.I.G. was killed 14 years ago today. In honor of what has been named “Biggie Day” by hipsters across the world, I would like to play my part and participate in this celebration of the B.I.G. man. First, the song that was written for him after he was killed, “I’ll Be Missing You” by P.Diddy, Faith Evans, and 112. Next, my three favorite Biggie mashups. The first of the 3 is my fave Adele song, “Rolling In The Deep”, mashed by Voodoo Farm with Jay-Z and Biggie. The second, “Biggie’s Secrets”, a mashup of Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets” and “Juicy”. Last but not least, “Party and Bullshit” mashed with Miley’s “Party In The USA”. All awesome songs. Let’s dance to commemorate!

Biggie’s Secrets” (Right click + “Save link as” to DL)

Party In The USA (Remix)” (Right click + “Save link as” to DL)


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