“Knockin” – Travis Barker Feat. Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, E-40, & Dev
March 21, 2011, 5:30 pm
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Knockin” (Right click + “Save link as” to DL)

Wait, is this real? Are these people really all on a track together? At the same time? I am confused and overwhelmed by this goodness. 3 of my favorite artists from different genres/styles all together, and then some. In the same place. This. Is. Awesome. It’s like a dream. A drum-filled, pop/rock, bass-so-loud-it-induces-vomit dream. I can’t stand it! WOW. It’s slowly starting to make sense the louder I listen to it. GET LOUD. YESSSS!!!


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Introducing: Shinobi Ninja
March 21, 2011, 5:20 pm
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Blaow!” (Right click + “Save link as” to DL)

Nah Nah” (Right click + “Save link as” to DL)

Meet Jillboard’s new obsession: SHINOBI NINJA! I almost don’t want to post about them because they’re one of those little hipster secrets I want to keep all to myself. However, it would be a felony to not post. Seriously, the cops were at my door. Take a listen to your new Beastie Boys-revival meets new technology power-group. They are a self-described “Mashup of Hip Hop, Punk, Reggae, Rock, and Metal, into an original urban sound” meshed with “the hardbody party lifestyle”. I like to think of them as a super innovative, culture-blending, power-punk-meets-DJ-culture hipster magnet. Can you dig it?

I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime to hear something like this – I’m actually ashamed for not knowing of them sooner. I’m one of the biggest endorsers of pop music, and I love pop down to its last sweet lovey-dovey note, but sometimes I need a break because my brain starts turning to mush. Sometimes I need to embrace my inner-rebel and listen to something that makes me want to break shet – not really, but seriously, let’s get loud.

I think the song title “Blaow!” says it all. Just yell it. It sounds awesome. Oh and the guitar solo in “Nah Nah”? Are you kidding? I love them! Up until now, they’ve only had dangling songs and killer EPs, but they’re just days away from the release of their debut album, Rock Hood, which is kicking off with a release party/performance in NYC (click here for the juicy deets). Who’s going?! Me me me! Apparently they have an energy-blasted live show. For now, download their EP, “The Baby G EP” fo’ free by visiting their website: http://www.shinobininja.com/ . 3/4 of their EP is on Jillboard Top 100 Playlist 6.0 (“Blaow!, “Nah Nah”, “Superstar (DA Remix)”), so download that immediately. That’s an order.

More rants on Shinobi Ninja to come. Click here to watch their music video for “Brooklyn to Babylon”, another AWESOME song. And “like” them hurr: SHINOBI NINJA Facebook.


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