ALBUM REVIEW: Femme Fatale – Britney Spears
March 29, 2011, 6:45 pm
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Happy Britney Day!!!

I was horrifyingly disappointed that I couldn’t buy a physical copy today of Britney’s new album, Femme Fatale, as it was only released on iTunes this morning. Stupid iTunes. This album is quite awesome in many aspects, but I have to say I’m ever-so-not-want-to-admittingly disappointed.

All the songs are pop perfrction, without a doubt. They perfectly harness new sounds and technology while also keeping that classic Britney sound. Same goes for lyricism and production – great blend of today’s sound (thanks Dr. Luke & Max Martin) with Britney’s traditional epic pop diva sound (especially on the will.i.am track). Luckily, I wasn’t expecting any vocally challenging material, so I wasn’t let down at all by that. I mean, it’s Britney, c’mon. We love her for what she gives us. Overall, I’m happy about it. I love Britney, and drool over getting to hear new material by her. I can’t really pick favorites at this point, although I am thoroughly smitten with “Till The World Ends”. I need a couple weeks to really digest and obsess over the album to get a better feel for it. “Trouble For Me” and “Up ‘N Down” are sick techno-ey tracks, and I also love the slow, electronic beat on “Inside Out”. “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” is a bit heavier, and I really am smitten with its edgy feel. “Criminal” is also an incredible midtempo song. The whole album is definitely a more electro feel than Britney has ever pursued, which is really where pop music is heading, so good for her. However, “Baby One More Time” used real instrumentation and was a smash beyond belief… Which leads me to the disappointment.

The whole album feels like an icy surface to me. There is NO depth – you can barely scratch the surface of it. As much as I love Britney, I feel like she never exposes any real depth to herself. Everyone that reads my blog knows I’m a huge pop music junkie and love listening to brain-melting, simple, stupid songs, because they’re fun. I guess since I’m such a big Brit-head I was just looking for a little something MORE out of her. More variety, more emotion, more depth, I don’t know. Just more.

With that being said, the songs are sooo catchy and fun and I really do LOVE them. In true Britney style, she has captivated me with her hypnotizing, danceable songs that I want to scream the lyrics to. I’m really impressed by the A+ production – there’s such cool sounds that differ with each track, like whistling and bubbles (“How I Roll”.. such a cool song!). The hooks are repetitive but amazing.. So while I am very happy about the album, I guess I just set my expectations way too high. Truth is, she’ll never be “Baby One More Time” Britney again, and I deal with change very badly. I need to take a deep breath and embrace the new, more mature Britney. It cuts me DEEP!

On the brainless pop scale of Ke$ha to Taylor Swift, this album falls on a solid Katy Perry. Britney does always manage to be clever, and Femme Fatale is certainly packed with suggestive double entendres. I feel like I’m in a bad mood today and would give a different review if it was warmer out. That’s probably defying the cardinal rule of journalism, but maybe I’m the Ke$ha of journalism. Nah, I’d give myself a solid Katy Perry as well. I guess all I can say is it’s easy to let disappointments get the best of you, even when something really good is right in front of your face. So, congrats on a not-epic-but-still-amazing album, Britney! How does she keep me so loyal?! Ugh LOVE HER!


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