“Something’s Coming” – Alex Young
April 23, 2011, 5:03 pm
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Ready for the next biggest movement in pop music? I PROMISE you will like this song and your emotions will run wild.

If you haven’t heard of Alex Young.. you’re behind! Not only is she the next hottest pop diva on the scene, but she’s a diva with a message. Her latest single, “Government Name”, did extremely well, garnering the #4 position on MTV Logo’s Pop charts and sustaining this position for over 6 weeks (it’s still there!). Now, Alex is back with a new single called “Something’s Coming”.

The first time I heard this song, I instantly got chills down my spine, and couldn’t get it out of my mind for weeks. With the deep crisis the world is in, there is a huge need for hope and a greater need for change. “Something’s Coming” is a message of both. We NEED to make a change in this world before something really tragic happens, like the tsunami in Japan or the earthquake in Haiti, to name a few. You MUST listen to this beautiful song – the instrumental is incredible, the lyrics are moving (to say the absolute LEAST), and AY’s vocals are beyond amazing. Truly touching.

Stay tuned for this soon-to-be-viral music video dropping very soon! I will post the download link with the video.

Add Alex on FACEBOOK and TWITTER by clicking those links, or visit her website at alexyoungmusic.com

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NEW SONG PREVIEW: “Get Back” – Alex Young
April 20, 2011, 10:19 pm
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ATTN: Pop/Hip-Hop luvrz. If you like to dance, party, groove, jam, dougie, jerk… Then you will love this INCREDIBLE new urban pop song from rising pop star, Alex Young. This is just a preview of the new song, “Get Back”, which will be dropping soon along with more new AY songs. The video above shows Alex collaborating in the studio with superstar producer, SeQuence, on this track. Hilarity does ensue.

Oh, and self-plug… I made the video!

For more info on singer Alex Young, check out her website: alexyoungmusic.com, and please click LIKE on her Facebook page: facebook.com/AlexYoungMusic. If you haven’t heard of Alex, check out her most recent music video, “Government Name” HERE, which has been in the Top 10 of MTV Logo’s Pop Charts for over 6 straight weeks! BAM! Click HERE to vote for “Government Name” to continue it’s run on MTV!

Keep it locked to Jillboard for the full song, coming soon..

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“Government Hooker” – Lady Gaga
March 2, 2011, 10:07 pm
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Here is Lady Gaga’s new single (bad quality, but it’s all that’s been released so far) that she just debuted in Paris’s Mugler Fashion Show. I’m cuhrazy about this beat. Nuts for it. The song is alright. By the way… “Government Hooker”? Like Alex Young‘s “Government Name“? Did Gaga jack the title? Hmm.. Just kidding. But not really. But kidding. Seriously though…

P.S. What the crap is a government hooker?


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EVENT REVIEW: Alex Young’s “Government Name” Music Video Release Party
December 1, 2010, 6:25 pm
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Last night (11/30) was Alex young’s “Government Name” music video release party in NYC. With music by celebrity DJ, DJ Fadelf, and guest appearances from Pizzi (of Mysto & Pizzi) and Taj Jackson amongst others, it was an all around AMAZING night. Alex performed her new hit single “Government Name” along with 2 other songs, “Light Refraction” and “Heart Stop”. She put on a spectacular show, looking absolutely stunning in her Sofistafunk Co. wardrobe, and received an all around jaw-dropping “WOW” response from the crowd. With fabulous visuals and beyond amazing choreography by Sheryl Murakami, the show was a hit to say the least.

The actual event space, 8 Bond Studio in NYC, was an incredible setting with a great vibe. The space was decked out in AY “Government Name” decorations front to back, with all staff sporting awesome “What’s your GOVERNMENT NAME?” T-shirts, as shown below. These shirts, where you can sign your name on them, will be available for purchase shortly on Alex Young’s website www.alexyoungmusic.com. I recommend buying one…

If you haven’t seen Alex’s new music video “Government Name”, you’re behind the times! Check it out ASAP:

Make sure you “LIKE” future queen of pop, Alex Young, on Facebook & suggest the page to your friends: Facebook.com/AlexYoungMusic

For more pictures from the event, check out Jillboard Top 100 on Facebook: Facebook.com/JillboardTop100



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“Government Name (Pri yon Joni Remix)” – Alex Young Feat. Don P
November 16, 2010, 2:04 pm
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“Government Name (Pri yon Joni Remix)” (Click to DL)

CRAZYYYYY REMIX!!! Best remix ever. This is an insane, awesome, electrotastic remix of Alex Young’s smash new single “Government Name”. This is one of my fave remixes of this song, I’m actually salivating over this one. Is that weird? I don’t care. Best remix ever. EVER! Pri Yon Joni made a remix of the music video to go with the song too. A++ work for you Pri Yon Joni, you go Pri Yon Joni.


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MUSIC VIDEO: “Government Name” – Alex Young
November 11, 2010, 4:59 pm
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Yea I know I already posted this last week but guess what? It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to (metaphorically, of course – it’s my blog and I do what I WANT). Plus, this is an AMAZING music video. Epic. Hot. So hot. So epic. Ear noms. Have I mentioned how good this video is? And have you heard the song? Wow. You’d think I was promoting this artist or something….Psh. Haha. …what

Share this video with everyone you know! Yes, you heard me – EVERYONE! Would I be pushing this video if it sucked? NO. Luckily for me (and for you..) this video/song is crawesome (crazy/awesome).

ALEX YOUNG. Your breakout star of 2011. You’re welcome. www.alexyoungmusic.com

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“Government Name (FAMUEL Remix)” – Alex Young
November 3, 2010, 11:48 pm
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“Government Name (FAMUEL Remix)” (Click to DL)

Yayyy! Two of my favorite things: “Government Name” and FAMUEL remixes…at the same time! FAMUEL added his sickkk electronic flavor to Alex Young’s poptastic ear noms “Government Name”. AY’s new “Government Name” music video premiered yesterday and is causing quite the buzz in the industry. Get on board! Watch the video here. If you’re a pop fan, R&B fan, hip hop, electronic, dance, or techno fan, you will eat this shiz up. Would I lie to you? Would I post LIES on my own website? NO. FAMUEL adds to the “Government Name” buzz with his awesome, upbeat, party remix. Dance to it!

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WORLD PREMIERE MUSIC VIDEO: “Government Name” – Alex Young!
November 2, 2010, 9:29 pm
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Ok guys here it is! Been waiting soooo long to post this and I finally can! Today was the world premiere of Alex Young’s (the artist I work for) new music video “Government Name”, followed by a live Ustream chat with her fans. It was a tiresome, crazy day, and I just got the chance to post this. I’m so excited to release this video, so here goes! “Government Name” written by STEVIE WONDER’s daughter. Yes, that Stevie Wonder. Hott song, fire video, Spread this ish like wildfire!

Director: Troy Patterson
Styling: Arlinda McIntosh (Sofistafunk, The Skirt Co.)
Choreographer: Sheryl Murakami
W/ cameos by Jam’n 94.5’s DJ Pup Dawg of Boston & Sheryl Murakami

Oh, and a “cameo” by me too… Find me!

Click here to watch the recorded Ustream chat with a huge Jillboard shoutout! Word.

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Help Alex Young perform at Z100’s JingleBall 2010!!!
October 22, 2010, 11:25 pm
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Ok guys, taking a quick promotional break from Jillboard to ask for your help! The artist I work with, Alex Young, is entered in the “Hometown Hero” contest – A contest put on by the #1 radio station in the country, NYC’s Z100. If she wins, she gets to perform at JingleBall 2010, which is the BIGGEST concert of the entire year. To cast your vote for Alex, click below to “Demand Alex Young in New York City”. We need your help!! The contest closes to get into the Top 25 positions in 13 DAYS! Please click DEMAND and tell everyone you know to do the same. You can also join the Facebook event below to help spread the word. Be a good person and support independent music. And by support independent music I mean support ALEX YOUNG!…and other people…

Please do this for us!


Click here to invite EVERYONE YOU KNOW to the Facebook Event!

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Internland: Alex Young’s “Government Name” Music Video Shoot
October 4, 2010, 2:51 pm
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Jillboard on set

Alex Young and friends

“Government Name”

So I apologize for not posting the past couple of days, but I have been on set for Alex Young’s new music video for “Government Name”. It was my first music video shoot, and I was completely stunned the whole day. Between the ridiculously high-tech cameras, the size of the production crew, the outfits and glamor, the dancing, the energy, and more, I was like a little kid in a candy store. I was in awe of Alex’s talent – a 2pm-4:30am shoot, with non-stop choreography and shooting, the girl was an animal, and never once complained or showed an ounce of being worn down, but was rather quite the opposite. At around 3:30am, when a part of me wanted to die, I was sitting down watching her completely destroy a dance scene like it was early afternoon and she just had 6 Redbulls. She never ceases to amaze me and I cannot wait to see the finished product. I will definitely be posting the video when it is finished going through post-production – look for me, I’m an extra! I’m positive that the viewers will be just as stunned as I was by the beauty, energy, choreography, wardrobe, and everything else about this video. It was soooo much fun to be there and watch the whole thing unfold. Plus, the male leads were HOT. Can’t complain! I could never endure what AY did yesterday – the incredible life of an artist. I am way too lazy. If you’re not listening to “Government Name” yet, WHO ARE YOU!? Get on that shet.

Visit AY’s Facebook page for more behind the scenes photos from the shoot: Facebook.com/AlexYoungMusic

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