“Tonight (HYPER CRUSH Remix)” – Enrique Iglesias
January 17, 2011, 12:54 pm
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“Tonight (HYPER CRUSH Remix)” (Click to DL)

In case Enrique’s latest song “Tonight” wasn’t crazy enough, Hyper Crush had to come in and make it even cooler. Hyper Crush must think they’re real cool pulling shet like this. Taking Sky Blu of LMFAO and adding a verse, making a sick track over a song that was already awesome. THANKS A LOT HYPER CRUSH. Jeez..

Jk this song’s awesome & Hyper Crush roolz.


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“Tonight” – Enrique Iglesias Feat. Ludacris
November 12, 2010, 9:29 pm
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Here’s some new Enrique & it’s the CLEAN version. Usually, I’m totally for the derrrty versions of songs, cause clean versions are for WOOSIES. However, the lyrics that Enrique chose to go with for the real version/dirty version are disgusting:

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, but tonight I’m f*ckin’ you”.

I’m getting kind of tired of these nasty club songs that are extremely degrading. Have you no respect? This is not coming from a feminist point of view by the way, just from a thoroughly grossed out college student. And why are you saying you don’t mean to be rude and then saying that? Guess what? Rude. Why are you excusing yourself? Did you FART? GOOD JOB ENRIQUE, YOU’RE COOL.

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“Like” This

Poll: Summer Anthem?

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“Like” This

“One Day At A Time” – Enrique Iglesias Feat. Akon
July 9, 2010, 1:06 pm
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I’ve been posting a bunch of summer songs lately, what can I say, I LOVE summer. I’m definitely feeling Enrique’s comeback, even though he used the cast of Jersey Shore in his “I Like It” music video. I may forgive and forget depending on how the rest of his new stuff sounds. We shall see.

Anyway, listen to a somewhat unexpected collab from Akon and Enrrrrrrrique. (That’s how you roll your tongue on the computer.)

Music Video: “I Like It” – Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull
June 30, 2010, 12:54 am
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I like this song, but this video… All I have to say is, are you serious? I’ll say it again. Are you serious? They actually put the cast of Jersey Shore in this video…ARE YOU SERIOUS. Will these guidos ever stop haunting us? Northern Jersey is depressed because of you. Have you no shame, Snookerz? I gotta go GTL to get my mind off this..

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