CONCERT REVIEW: Magic 8-Ball Tour – Gaslamp Killer, Kid Sister, Clipse, A-Trak
May 2, 2011, 12:28 pm
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This. Was. AWESOME.

I realize I overuse the word AWESOME, but.. wow. Amazing show. While my emotions are currently running WILD due to the recent news of Osama Dead Laden, plus how much fun I had at the Magic 8-Ball Tour, the following may sound extreme..

Upcoming DJ, Gaslamp Killer, did an opening set and got the crowd PUMPED. I actually was a bit late and missed some of his set, but got on stage to take a few pics. He is crazy – he was going NUTS while spinning! You’ll see in the pictures, what I mean. Talked to him for a minute afterward and he was a bit…off. But hey, every musical genius is. All I have to say is… now THAT’s a mustache.

For me, the absolute highlight of the show was Kid Sister’s set. I am a HUGE fan of hers and I really was there for the sole reason of seeing her live. She was everything I hoped she would be live, and I could barely contain my excitement while on stage snapping pics. When “Gucci Rag Top” came on, I was done – could. not. take. pictures. The bass just got to me and I had to watch her. She’s amazing! Kid Sister is such a PERFORMER. An issue I have with rappers is that they have no performance on stage.  However, the reason I think I like her so much is because of what she does on stage: if I were a performer – that’s EXACTLY what I would do on stage. She flails her arms and goes absolutely wild.  Her movements are careless, punchy, ass-in-the-air, funny, and incredibly fun. The whole set was so high-energy and danceable, and she really lit up the room with a majorly positive energy. I was definitely more excited than the other photographers/bloggers there, since everyone was mostly there for A-Trak. She’s got the coolest style around and has secured her spot as Jillboard’s favorite female MC, hands down. Even looking at the pictures from her set is exciting. SO. MUCH. FUN. I also got a minute to catch up with her after the show and she was exactly what I expected – SO COOL. She had the perfect balance of half sweet/funny, half celebrity/too-cool aura. REALLY amazing show. If you’re near a city that she’s coming to, you BEST get over there and push to the front of the stage – she stage dives. She also rides on a motorized, pink, studded scooter. Badass.

Also joining the stage was a special performance by the epic hip-hop duo, Pusha T & Malice, AKA Clipse! I was milling around backstage and taking videos during their set so I didn’t get to see much, but I did see how well the crowd reacted. The crowd effing LOVED IT.  Met these guys after the show too, and they were surprisingly the most kind and willing to take pics/interact.

Closing the show was an epic set by A-Trak. As if Kid Sis & Clipse didn’t rev the crowd up enough, A-Trak went HAM on stage – and the crowd ate. it. up. There was definitely a ton of people on ecstacy, so they had the best time, but everyone else had fun too. His set was sick and his stage set-up was so awesome.  He had crazy lights, a massive lit-up “A”, and was sooo high-energy.  He also wore a suit and bow-tie, which was extremely sexy and classy. Total rockstar status.

If the Magic 8-Ball Tour is rolling through your city, GO. GO GO GO. It’s so much fun. I want to go again. That is all.

ALSO: The photos are on the NEW FACEBOOK PAGE for Jillboard – as we make the switch from this site to the new Jillboard, a new Facebook page was just created, so please click LIKE immediately! Thanks and enjoy the pics/video!

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MIXTAPE: “Kiss Kiss Kiss” – Kid Sister
January 20, 2011, 5:36 pm
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“Daydreaming (Douster Remix)” – Kid Sister

“Don’t Stop Movin'” – Kid Sister

“Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)” – Kid Sister

“Kiss Kiss Kiss” – Kid Sister

“Work Them” – Kid Sister

You may tell me this is a little excessive. 5 songs? All on the same mixtape? All making it onto Jillboard Top 100 6.0? Yes, this is happening. I’m a huge Kid Sister fan, and hot damn this mixtape rules. Two of the songs above are remixes from Kid Sis’s last album, Ultraviolet, which have also been previously Jillboarded. The remixes are incredible though! To not post would be a felony, and I ain’t no criminal. “Don’t Stop Movin'” is classic Kid Sister – that simple line that you can’t stop repeating or bobbing your head to (“work it out, don’t stop movin'”).  “Kiss Kiss Kiss”, the title track, has such a great flow and rhythm to it, it’s impossible not to move to it. Also super melodic. “Work Them”, the last but not least favorite, is a great sampling with a great beat – again, typical Kid Sister to throw something this awesome in your face. “Work me god dammit!”

Other tracks on the mixtape feature artists such as Nina Sky, Paul Wall, and Gucci Mane. She’s a-climbin’!

Kid Sister is so cool, don’t you just want to hang out with her? Is that just me?

Download the whole mixtape (DO THIS NOW) here: http://www.foolsgoldrecs.com/kidsister/


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MUSIC VIDEO: “Do Do Do” – Carte Blanche Feat. Kid Sister
December 8, 2010, 9:13 pm
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“Do Do Do” (Click to DL)

I LOVE KID SISTER! She’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite, female MCs out there today. I love her style. This is a super cool video and catchy little song. The video is a bit short but very cute. Who would’ve thought that Kid Sister would look so adorable as a cartoon? Love the concept in this music video, except when Kid Sis gets eaten at the end…strange.


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“Big N Bad” – Kid Sister
July 23, 2010, 9:33 pm
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New Kid Sister! I think she’s great. This is a cool video, love the colors and setting, it’s very fun, and Kid looks hot! Work.

Love the song too. It’s a fun, dancey track with an awesome female rapper. Kid Sister and Nicki Minaj should battle for the title of Jillboard’s Fave Female MC. It’ll probs be Nicki, but they should battle anyway. If you big/you bad or if you like Kid Sister or if you trust my musical taste or if you like hip hop or pop or if you like dancing or if you like fun colors or even if you like rollerskating or if you’re bored or if you like run on sentences you should check this song out.

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“Like” This

“Get Fresh” – Kid Sister
June 29, 2010, 9:50 pm
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More Kid Sistahhhh. I seriously love this girl, there’s something different about her genre-defying music that I can’t get enough of. If you feel the same way, please do go to her show at Santos Party House next week (July 8th). I may or may not be there, I haven’t gotten tickets yet, but I really hope I AM there. “Get Fresh” is one of many off her album Ultraviolet that I thoroughly adore. GET FRESH WITH ME

Here’s the event info:

Even her poster is cool.

“Pro Nails” – Kid Sister Feat. Kanye West
June 26, 2010, 5:19 pm
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I’ve really been interested in Kid Sister’s music lately, I think she’s got an interesting style. I think it’s hilarious that this whole song is about nailpolish… The video is really funny, I love the little finger shoes – where can I get a pair? And do they come in Louboutins? Very funny concept for this video, it’s almost spoof-like, but I think they did a good job. Also love when the song switches up at the end. Good times.

Apparently this song is from ’08, so this might be slightly irrelevant, but… Who’s ready for the Kanye comeback!? Me me me! (This is not to say that I don’t still HATE him for his Swift cruelties!)

Kid Sister
June 15, 2010, 7:47 pm
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Lately, I really love this new artist Kid Sister.  She has a single out now called “Right Hand Hi”, saw the video on MTV Hits a couple times – it’s fricken weird. This song is very dancey, it’s on my “going out” playlist cause it gets you pumped. Love the techno-ey instrumental and her rap-singing.

This song is called “Daydreaming” and I love LOVE this song. It’s pure pop and danceable but is also somewhat relaxing and dreamy (hence the title…) The video is really cute too, I love the graphics in it. I’m officially a Kid Sister fan, she’s cool.

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