“Winter Wonderland (Dubstep Remix)” – Kinetics & One Love
December 17, 2010, 6:29 pm
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“Winter Wonderland (Dubstep Remix)” (Click to DL)

Here’s a Christmas song for all the college students dying to finish finals and come home for the Lolidays (shoutout to Ramapo…). Finally, a Christmas song that isn’t strictly bells and recycled lyrics! Though this song includes a tad bit of both, it’s the first Christmas song I’ve heard that the artists really COVERED the song – K&1L put their own twist on Christmas classic, “Winter Wonderland”, making it a dubstep & hip-hop beauty. I’m sooo excited over this one! Maybe K&1L will be the ones to finally get me in the holiday spirit. Absolutely love what they did with this.

To all struggling artists out their covering Christmas songs just to cover Christmas songs – please, for all of us, do something special with it! Use K&1L’s cover as a blueprint. GOOD. JOB….!

I’m getting a little sick of that wobble noise to be honest, but combined with the extremely contrasting sound of Christmas bells = awesome.


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“What’s My Name (Remix)” – Kinetics & One Love
December 12, 2010, 1:15 pm
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“What’s My Name (Remix)” (Click to DL)

“What’s My Name” by Rihanna & Drake is currently one of my favorite Top 40 songs out there. Between Rihanna’s vocals, Drake’s disgustingly creative lyrics, and a great instrumental, it’s just a prime song. Kinetics & One Love added some rapping and singing over the track. I’m obviously a K&1L fan, and usually I think they improve the songs that they remix. However, I’m not sure that’s the case with this one. I think I just like the original too much to say that this time. It’s still good though.


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“Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Kinetics & One Love)” – Rihanna & Eminem
November 16, 2010, 1:45 pm
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“Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Kinetics & One Love)” (Click to DL)

Wow I seriously regret not posting this earlier. This is Kinetics & One Love’s 3rd installment to their “Cross-Fading Back to Normal” project where they release a mashup of their songs with a pop song every Friday. I am so unbelievably sick of “Love The Way You Lie” that I didn’t listen to this song for more than 30 seconds – with my busy schedule, I just couldn’t take it. However, I finally listened all the way through and was proved SO wrong. K&1L slaughtered this track, combing LTWYL Parts 1 AND 2. LTWYL part 2 is SO AMAZING compared to the first one, and with a little K&1L flair, this track is golden. My apologies Kinetics & One Love for my Friday ignorance. I like when artists prove me wrong. Just goes to show you can’t judge a song by it’s title – a song titled something ridiculous like “Ms. New Booty” could make it big! Oh wait, that DID happen…

UPDATE: Universal removed the download link.


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“Airplanes (Premix Feat. Kinetics & One Love, Hayley Williams)” – B.o.B
November 6, 2010, 3:11 pm
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“Airplanes  (Premix Feat. Kinetics & One Love, Hayley Williams)” (Click to DL)

This is Kinetics & One Love’s third installment to their new-music-Friday project, where they release a new mashup of a pop song & a song from their “Fading Back To Normal” album every Friday. I was wondering if they were going to do an “Airplanes” mashup, being that they wrote it. On this mashup they get to have B.o.B and Hayley Williams singing with them. Must be so cool for them to hear. TEAM K&1L!

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“Hot Tottie (Remix Feat. Kinetics & One Love, Jay-Z)” – Usher
October 29, 2010, 10:17 pm
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“Hot Tottie (Remix Feat. Kinetics & One Love, Jay-Z)” (Click to DL)

This is the second installment to Kinetics & One Love’s “Cross-Fading Back To Normal” project – a series of releases every Friday of pop songs mashed up with Kinetics & One Love songs. Super excited about these Friday songs and really liked what they’ve done so far. Word on the street is next Friday’s will be Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again” Featuring Kinetics & One Love… Just kidding. Only in my dreams…

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“Runaway (Remix Feat. Kinetics & One Love & Pusha T)” – Kanye West
October 23, 2010, 4:25 pm
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Take “Runaway (Remixes Feat. Kinetics & One Love, Pusha T)” home.

Soooo Kinetics & One Love emailed me saying…

“we’re releasing a mashup album of “fading back to normal” remixed with pop songs. we’re calling the project “cross-fading back to normal” and releasing a new track every friday”

Fading Back to Normal was their first mixtape, which was superb, and it’s about to get a lot more superb. This is the first of their Kanye-like Friday installments, a mashup of “Runaway” by DoucheLord Supreme & Pusha T featuring Kinetics and One Love.

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“Sign Language” – Kinetics & One Love Feat. Wynter Gordon
October 14, 2010, 4:16 pm
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Take “Sign Language” home.

New Kinetics & One Love! These guys continue to spit out amazing new music and I have yet to be disappointed. I really appreciate the depth in their lyrics, it shows the intellectuality behind the duo (unlike many hip-hop acts nowadays). I guess they have to be intellectuals, coming from Cornell. The easiness of Kinetics’ flow in his raps also astounds me – he makes such complicated lyrics sound effortless. True talent behind these guys, which is why I HAD to interview them. Check out the Jillboard interview with K&1L by clicking here.

Wynter Gordon (singer on “Sugar” by Flo Rida) is also on this track. K&1L have worked with Wynter Gordon before, each time being equally as pleasant. Wynter has great tonality in her voice, and the boys think very highly of her skill level, so I guess she’s good! Her name is sick too.

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