MIXTAPE: “Vicki Leekz” – M.I.A.
January 2, 2011, 10:47 pm
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“VICKI LEEKZ” (Click to DL)

M.I.A. dropped a new mixtape on New Year’s Eve – it’s called “VICKI LEEKZ”. Get it…like, Wikileaks…

I haven’t listened all the way through yet, but so far it’s not as epic as I was expecting. It feels a bit lazy. First of all, it’s not separated into different tracks, which sparks my OCD. Ugh, bother.  On another note, she samples her track “Steppin’ Up” off MAYA around the 9:00 mark. Love that song. Also, the 12:00 mark is really good. I’m listening to it as I’m posting this which is why I sound so flippity floppy. Anyway I thought I’d just throw it up and you can judge for yourself.


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Merry Dubstmas
December 21, 2010, 9:19 pm
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“Home Alone” – Virgo

“The Sugar Dub Fairy” – DJ BAHLER

Though a “pure-blood” of the Jewish community (lolz…I’ve been watching Harry Potter…), I’ve never been completely infatuated with Christmas music. Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas” and The Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping” have always been up there, but my Navidad has never been so Feliz. Until now..

This year I’ve found something I can really dig my non-Christian teeth into… Christmas Dubstep!!! I previously posted a Kinetics & One Love dubstep cover of “Winter Wonderland”. I found a couple more INCREDIBLE Christmas dubstep songs while grazing amongst the fellow bloggers.  The first is by Virgo and is titled “Home Alone”.  Amazinggggg instrumental. Wow. The second is a mash by DJ BAHLER and is called “The Sugar Dub Fairy”. Nice play on words. I tried to do that with the title of this post (…fail). It’s an unbelievably awesome mashup of a Tchaikovsky classic with a dubstep beat, M.I.A’s “Steppin’ Up”, Sleigh Bells, Bassnectar, and Bogtrotter.  I’ve had these two songs on repeat for a good 25 minutes.. Which means I’ll probably be sick of them in 5 minutes. Just know it’s INSANE while it lasts!

Ear noms would be a massive understatement.  Happy Lolidays!


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“Sunshine” – Rye Rye Feat. M.I.A.
October 10, 2010, 6:39 pm
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Take “Sunshine” home.

New music from Rye Rye. Rye Rye is M.I.A.’s new artist on her label who she took under her wing and taught her the ways. M.I.A. is one of my favorite artists today, I love her originality, style, and attitude, and you can feel the same traits in Rye Rye’s music/personality. Love this video, it has this great raw energy, which makes sense being that the song is called “Sunshine”. I believe that Rye Rye is going to be the shet soon, so get on board now. NOW. She is unbelievable in concert. I didn’t even know her at the time and the girl had me dancing my lil tushy off.

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M.I.A. Concert Review – 9.27.10
September 29, 2010, 7:51 pm
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“Steppin’ Up”


I went to the M.I.A. concert at NYC’s Terminal 5 two nights ago, and it was unbelievable. It was one of the most wild shows I’ve seen. In a more intimate, clubby setting, I had to be one of 3 people that was not on acid. One guy was facing the opposite direction from the stage, swaying with his eyes closed the entire show. The crowd was wild, but M.I.A. was wilder. There were some technical problems and the show started about 1 1/2 hours late which was extremely disappointing, although she really put on a great show. M.I.A. knows exactly what she’s doing, she’s an AMAZING performer. There were times where she just stood still and stared at the audience, who was jumping crazily, and it was still exciting. During “Born Free” (the song with the ginger genocide music video), shet got wild. She crowd-surfed, threw her mic into the crowd, and walked off stage. Everyone was pretty confused, as she kept us waiting for a few minutes before she returned… with a handle of vodka. All I can say is – Coolest. Mom. Ever. The bass was incredible, the heartfelt kind (not mushy heartfelt, literally felt in your heart). It was almost shockingly loud, the best kind of loud. M.I.A. DJed, rapped, sang, screamed, had fans sing, connected with the crowd, and wore an awesome shirt that said “F**k Google, Ask Me”. The graphics/lights were extremely stimulating as was the dancing, beats, and energy of the show.

Her opening act, Rye Rye, an artist signed to her label, revved the crowd up with an INCREDIBLE opening set. Having never heard of her before, I was completely blown away, staring in amazement. As if I wasn’t completely enthralled in her African style dancing mixed with electronic hip-hop beats, she closed with a “Party In The USA” sampling. SHET. GOT. WILD. All around amazing show – Rye Rye and M.I.A. are truly amazing artists and I can not stop listening to their music.

M.I.A.’s unique sound never ceases to amaze me, and to hear it live and loud was beyond fantastic. I admire her creativity/individuality/new wave sounds soooo much. She has to be one of the most innovative artists out there. You know you’re good when you make experimental music that people still consider to be pop. Even when I didn’t recognize the song, it was impossible to not dance. She closed with “Paper Planes”, which I actually missed because I left 10 minutes early to catch my bus back to school. Stupid college. You ruin everything.

Above I posted my two favorite songs that she performed. If you’re not into M.I.A. (yet), I recommend you download those two songs along with “XR2” and “Space” off her most recent album “MAYA”. Do dat.

For more pictures from the M.I.A. show at Terminal 5, check out the Jillboard Flickr PhotoStream.

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Music Video: “XXXO” – M.I.A.
August 12, 2010, 5:41 pm
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This is a very cool video. It’s almost rare nowadays to see artists making art out of their videos, as opposed to the usual naked ladies videos. I’ve always been an M.I.A. fan, I love her work because it’s different than most of what’s out there. The only thing I didn’t like of hers was that last music video she made with the ginger genocide. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of gingers, is anyone? but I do not approve of ginger genocide, M.I.A! Rude. This “XXXO” video is much cooler though.

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