CONCERT REVIEW: Sam Adams – Starland Ballroom NJ 11/29
December 1, 2010, 5:57 pm
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“Heads Will Roll” – Sam Adams (Click to DL)

On Monday night I went to the Sam Adams concert at Starland Ballroom. LA Riots and a couple of rappers opened (not sure who they were). LA Riots’ set was sick, although they kind of just stood there talking the whole time and walked off stage abruptly, which was a bit odd..

Sam’s show was great. It seemed like a short set to me, although he performed a bunch of fan favorites, and Jill favorites, including “Hold On”, “No Americano”, “Share Your Dolla”, “Bass Head”, “Driving Me Crazy”, “Coast To Coast”, and “Heads Will Roll”. New 1st Round Records (Adams’ label) artist, G-Curtis, came out and performed a couple songs with Sam. I was shockingly impressed by G-Curtis – so talented! I’ve heard some buzz about him before, but seeing him live was very different than hearing his music through computer speakers. He had seriously awesome vocals, is a great rapper, and is also a dancer. Certainly the package deal.

Sam’s set also ended very abruptly, and the whole crowd was confused, as was I. Everyone was expecting an “I Hate College” encore, since he never performed it, but the lights turned on and security rushed everyone out. It was very strange. The actual show was great though. I thought the floor was going to crack during “No Americano” – the crowd went NUTS. The bass was so heavy I was coughing when breathing. Maybe that’s my cold wearing off, but…

All around fun show, great music, although I was upset that he didn’t perform “I Hate College” or “Gonna Be OK”, my faves. I was also a little taken aback by the crowd, who was surprisingly young and annoying. Sam wins the prize for most obnoxious fan girls. Hey, at least he has them.

Above is one of the most energetic songs of the show, “Heads Will Roll”, which is off Sam’s new mixtape Party Records.

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November 15, 2010, 12:06 am
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“Summer Techno” – Sam Adams

“Music saved me from having to get a real job”.

When we hear the name Sam Adams we think of one of three things; If you’re over 60 you think of the American patriot. If you’re over 30, you probably think of a quality brew. However, if you’re anywhere ranging from screaming pre-teen to mid-twenties hipster, you definitely think of the hip-hop artist who exploded on the college scene not too long ago. With his viral Asher Roth remix, “I Hate College”, Sam Adams encouraged every haggardly-drunken college student to finish kegs and crush bottles of Bacardi, slurring “I HATE COLLEGE BUT LOVE ALL THE PARTIES”. Though on a nationwide tour promoting his new album, Party Records, Sam took a minute to sit down with me for an interview. He claims to “love Jillboard” for its creative title. Awww, stawwwp, don’t make me blush…

Passion and partying is a good way to describe this talented rapper/producer. Earning millions of hits on YouTube, Sam Adams is simply the epitome of a college guy. His motto is “stay humble”, but when asked what his unique talents were, he said, “I play the piano really well, I can…Oh my God, there’s so f*cking many, can I email you these?” A little contrast works well in everyone. His guilty pleasure is “smoking weed…smoking a lot of weed”. I never would have guessed that in a million years, Sam.

Our conversation ranged from hilarious comments like “don’t f*cking bring your baby on an airplane” to his ideal collaboration – “Depeche Mode featuring Nas and someone crazy on the hook, like Barbara Streisand.” He’s a funny guy, & he likes to “do fun sh*t”. “I’m so open to learning new things, there’s so much to learn…another motto I have is ‘you don’t know’…you learn something new every day, whether it’s the dumbest thing in the world or a really valuable lesson, you don’t know”.  His passion for music began at age 7 with piano lessons, which eventually transformed into a passion for production. Sam’s influences range from Led Zeppelin & The Police to Nas, underground hip-hop, and dubstep. When asked about his use of autotune, he said “autotune’s not that cool, but autotune makes a lot of people money and makes a lot of good music. Personally sometimes I hate autotune on a track, but sometimes it makes a hit a hit.” Agreed.

With talks of recently inking a mystery deal out in LA, this upcoming artist is on the rise and unstoppable. Sam Adams has always repped his hometown of Boston, with his nickname being Boston’s Boy. I was curious as to how he acquired this nickname – what began as an adlib on a track ended up sticking: “I made it my Twitter name and self-proclaimed it, from there I pissed a lot of people off”.

Since I work for an independent label, I know how hard it is to be an indie artist. “Being an indie artist everyone shits on you. Major labels hate you, radio doesn’t like you…the hardest part about being indie is growing your buzz.” Personally, I think that success is that much sweeter when all that hard work pays off.  “To struggling independent artists, come up with a product that’s f*cking hot, so hot you can’t stop listening to yourself…find yourself in your music”.

Though Sam Adams has high school girls screaming his name nowadays, he originally erupted on the college scene – “when you’re in college and you love music, that sh*t spreads like wildfire…I had a fun college life, I loved college despite the ‘I Hate College’ title”. He originally decided to remix Asher Roth’s “I Love College” because he loved the beat –  “I liked it, I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but I liked it. I realized it’s perfect for the college scene…I had no idea it was gonna be so big. It was pretty crazy to see the numbers go up”. I bet!

Sam writes by “mix-matching sh*t that happens in my life”, whether it be in the studio or on an airplane, “my music is my life”. Party Records, his most recent album which was released as a mixtape in September, “is louder, has better direction. It’s a different sound, it’s electric, more dubsteppy record. I love Party Records, Party Records is my sh*t”. His favorite song on Party Records is “Hold On”, a dubstepperific track that is incredible to jam to in the car. You should do it, really.

Sam Adams is one of the few well-known white rappers out there. Is it intimidating being  one of those few? “Yea it is. You know the stigma that white people can’t rap, it sucks…But you know what, f*ck it”. I agree Sam, being a white rapper IS hard – people just look at me and are like, “you’re white, you can’t rap”. So rude..

All joking aside, Sam will be touring the U.S. this November – December, you can/SHOULD get tickets through Live Nation. There’s also new videos and a new album in the works – Yay! “You’ll see me soon”, he says. Who’s coming to the November 29th show in NJ!? Me me me! Thanks again Sam.

Follow Sam Adams on Twitter: @BostonsBoy

Official Website: sammyadams.com

Download Party Records here.


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MIXTAPE: “Party Records” – Sam Adams
September 26, 2010, 6:22 pm
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“Lonely People”

“No Speak Americano”

“Hold On”

“Gonna Be OK”

I’m a couple days late on posting this, college classes are such a hassle. Sam Adams just released his new mixtape, and all around it’s pretty good. There’s a couple that didn’t fly with me though. Ironic how it’s called “Party Records”, but not all the tracks are party records.. I posted “Some Chordz” from this mixtape earlier, where Sammy raps over deadmau5, and it’s awesome. My other favorite has to be “Lonely People”, which samples one of my all time favorite songs next to “Party In The USA” and anything by the Spice Girls, “Eleanor Rigby”. I would’ve sampled this song myself if I could have. Unfortantely, I’m not much of a rapper. Weird, I know. The second fave is “No Speak Americano”, which ironically, I just posted the original yesterday. Amazing dance song, sounds great with Sammy over it. Third fave goes to “Hold On”, which fits into my weird dubstep obsession lately. 4th fave goes to “Gonna Be OK”, an awesome club-banger. 5th is “Heads Will Roll”, an amazing “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” song that is all the rage in sampling/remixing lately. There’s also a couple more fun, poppy songs on this mixtape like “Summer Techno” which features DJ Whoo Kid, and “Frat Music”. All around – good job, Smadams.

Click here to download Sam Adams’ “Party Records” mixtape.

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“Some Chordz” – Sam Adams
September 21, 2010, 2:33 pm
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Take “Some Chords” home.

New Sam Adams. I’m not a huge Sammy fan, although many of my friends seem to think he’s the hottest thing since sliced bread (not that sliced bread is hot, but you know). However, he raps over a deadmau5 beat, and the result is pretty fantastic. I just came back from dancing to Akon but BRB gonna go dance again.

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